Starter Elastic Kibana dashboards for Db2 Query Monitor

The GitHub repository z-open-data/db2-query-monitor-elasticopen in new window contains starter Elastic dashboards that visualize data from IBM Db2 Query Monitoropen in new window.

This documentation describes how to configure Elastic Stack to ingest JSON Lines data from Db2 Query Monitor, install the starter dashboards, and then view that data in the dashboards. Check the latest Db2 Query Monitor Documentationopen in new window for more information.

These are starter dashboards only

While these starter dashboards are designed to be useful, they are not a comprehensive solution for analyzing data from Db2 Query Monitor. Instead, these dashboards demonstrate some typical use cases.

The dashboard developers anticipate that customers will modify and extend these starter dashboards to suit their own requirements.

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Contributors: Jim Porell