Starter Grafana dashboard for IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider

The GitHub repository z-open-data/odp-prometheus-samplesopen in new window contains a starter Grafana dashboard that visualizes data from IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provideropen in new window (ODP).

In this starter, ODP acts as a Prometheus metrics exporter, exposing data from the OMEGAMON z/OS agent.

This documentation describes how to configure ODP to export the data to Prometheus, install the starter dashboard, and then view that data in the dashboard.

This is a starter dashboard only

While this starter dashboard is designed to be useful, it is not a comprehensive solution for analyzing data from ODP. Instead, this dashboard demonstrates some typical use cases.

The dashboard developers anticipate that customers will modify and extend this starter dashboard to suit their own requirements.

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Contributors: Viaceslavas Michalkevicius, David Dai