Activate controls to drive NTH collection


To ensure that Near Term History, NTH, is collecting data properly, some specific subsystem and/or agent configuration changes may be necessary. These should be set up via the E3270UI or TEP user interfaces.

The following changes are required for some of the CICS attribute tables.

  • CICSplex_Service_Class_Analysis wss table will only have data if OMEGAMON is installed and running in the CICS region. It classifies by WLM service class which customers should set up themselves. This allows them to group together transactions and report on them as a group.

  • CICSplex_Plex_Service_Class_Analysis kcpwss is a copy of wss but gives CICSplex wide summaries.

  • For CICS Transaction Gateway there is considerable set up for OMEGAMON CTG to monitor a region and have transaction data. Some covered in config manager, but there needs to be a transaction exit installed. The setup for monitoring CICS TG can be found in IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS Planning and Configuration Guideopen in new window especially the first topic listed.

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