Configuration Steps

To properly configure OMEGAMON with Instana, the following steps will be necessary. It will also be important to leverage Instana for the OMEGAMON agents that you are entitled. If you have one of the following offerings, you are entitled to enable OMEGAMON streaming into Instana:

  • IBM z Service Management Suite, version 2.1.1 or later - includes all OMEGAMON Agents
  • IBM Z Monitoring Suite, version 1.2.1 or later - includes all OMEGAMON Agents
  • IBM zSystems Integration for Observability - includes no OMEGAMON agents, but can be used to stream data for individually acquired OMEGAMON agents.

As a result, this document describes the set up for each OMEGAMON agent independently

  • Update the ODP collection configuration to forward the attribute tables (groups) supported by Instana

    Instana has a limited and fixed number of OMEGAMON attribute tables that must be added to ODP Data Broker via the RKANPARU(KAYOPEN) configuration member.

  • Create historical data collections for those attribute groups

    Turn on OMEGAMON Near Term History - NTH collection with each agent. This is done through either the E3270UI or Tivoli Enterprise Portal - TEP. Some of these are turned on automatically for existing OMEGAMON deployments.

  • Activate controls to drive NTH collection

    A subset of agent attribute tables may require some additional set up in order to activate NTH collection. If these steps are not taken, the Instana User Interface - UI, may be lacking data for certain functions.

  • Configure your OMEGAMON Data Connect to send data to Instana

    The file, connect.yaml, must be updated to make the connection to the Instana environment. This can be found in IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider Version 1.1 Installation and User's Guide open in new window.

    Data Connect's connect.yaml

    This step is common to all agents. So when completed with the above tasks for each agent, don't forget to complete this one.

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