Create historical data collections


To ensure that ODP forwards attributes to Instana as soon as you start collecting them, update the ODP collection configuration member KAYOPEN before creating the corresponding historical data collections.


With higher granularity (a smaller interval means more data collected) there are 2 obvious considerations:

  1. CPU overhead on data collection and retrieval;
  2. DASD space to hold historical tables.

Should you grow in CPU usage or Persistent Data Store, consider raising the interval and/or skipping warehousing for certain tables on PDS and just go with open data.

Create the following historical data collections for the CICS agent. This can be done via the E3270UI or the Tivoli Enterprise Portal within the CICS workspace.

table_name field valueAttribute groupCollection interval (minutes)
cicsrovCICSplex Region Overview5
kcpwssCICSplex Plex Service Class Analysis5
wssCICSplex Service Class Analysis5
cicstcaCICSplex Task Class Analysis5
cicscsdCICSplex Dynamic Storage Details5
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